Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who will be running this patrol?

The Whittier Heights Patrol Association is a registered Non profit in the State of Washington. WHPA will be collecting for subscriptions to the patrol service, and will be using the collected funds to hire off duty law enforcement officers.

2. What is the oversight for this association?

The financial books of the association are open to inspection to any one who is interested in joining or is a subscriber. The patrol structure has an advisory board that advises on new issues and oversees financial matters.

3.  How many subscribers are needed?

There really is no set number of subscribers need to start the patrol. We could start with as few as 2 or 3. However continued patrols count on participation of the neighborhood by subscription.

4.  What does each subscription buy?

Each subscription buys four hours of patrolling.

5.  What does a subscription cost?

Each subscription cost $280.00 per year, $140.00 for six months $70.00 for three months.  Businesses and individuals are encouraged to buy multiple subscriptions. (we have residents who do this also) Subscriptions can be mailed to :
Whittier Heights Patrol Association
P. O. Box 70187
Seattle, WA. 98127

6.Why this now?

Through community meetings it has been determined that the Seattle Police Department is because of staffing issues unable to respond to criminal activity  in our neighborhood in what is deemed an appropriate time frame. The SPD has assured us that this lack of staffing will be addressed by 2017. Meanwhile another busy crime season is approaching and we do not have enough security personnel to cover our neighborhood. This is one way we can do something about this problem.

7.  Isn’t this paying double for policing?

Quite frankly we have to agree with this statement. We should not have to pay extra for adequate security and safety in our neighborhood. We all know what has happened to our property tax rate in the last year and after the 20-25% raise in tax’s that just happened this lack of policing coverage is appalling to us. We are hoping that through the patrol and other measures we can influence the city to fund changes to police coverage in our neighborhood.

8. What does a subscription buy?

Most of all a subscription buys a neighborhood that is safer for all. This is the neighborhood that we know we all want to live in. In addition to this a subscription buys vacation services (such as extra patrol to check your home), package management (picking up your exposed package delivery’s and putting them in a safer place), and “hot spot” management (of which there are several areas in our neighborhood) patrols.

9.  What happens to households who are not subscribers?

Households who choose to not subscribe still get the benefit of increased patrols. The officers who do the patrolling will not know who is a subscriber and who is not. This is the way other patrols have done patrols and I feel it is a very “Seattle” way of doing this.

10.   What other things can be done to help with security in the Whittier Heights Neighborhood?

  • Join Whittier Heights Safety Association on Face book. A great way to know what is going on in the neighborhood. Many Safety tips
  • Write the Mayor, City Council and paper. (Ballard News Tribune, My Ballard, Seattle Times)
      • Ask that they put a new Precinct house in Ballard. We need it. We are way over on our projected growth and police cannot keep up.
      • Keep writing about the lack of police in our neighborhood until change happens.



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